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Request for Tax Return Extension

  • Individuals (Due April 15)

If we do not receive 100% of the required information to file an extension for you by the due date, an extension will not be filed with the appropriate taxing authority.  In addition to the information below, a copy of the drivers’ license of all shareholders/partners must be uploaded to our secure portal.  Your $50 payment will be applied to your tax preparation fee at the time your return is prepared.  If you terminate services prior to us completing your return, this fee will not be refunded to you.  Please understand that an extension is for time only and not for payment.  Any tax payments that you may owe should be paid to the appropriate taxing authority by the filing due date.  Without a fully completed form, the IRS may consider your extension request invalid which will subject you to filing penalties (which is why all boxes including dollar amounts must be submitted).

Payment Authorization

A valid form of payment is required to be on file prior to the start of any project. To get started, please upload your payment authorization and e-sign our Engagement Terms.

Get Started with the Individual Tax Extension

Click the link below to complete the required form.

Dates to Remember

Jun 1

FL Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday
(June 1 - 14)

Jun 15

Estimated Tax Due Date

Jul 1

FL Freedom Month Sales Tax Holiday Certain Admissions & Outdoor Activities (July 1 - 31)

Sep 1

FL Sales Tax Holiday for Trades Workers on Tools (Sep 1 - 7)

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