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All companies are required to file a Tangible Personal Property report.  Once you file in your first year, if you are exempt from paying any tax (meaning your fixed assets are under $25,000 in total value), you will receive a post card “Exempting” your business from filing a TPP Return each year (for 4 more years).  You must re-file every 5 years.

Understanding your TTP Return and what is required of you:

TPP Returns are being looked at more closely and fines for failure to file have been increased in 2019.  Be aware that even fully depreciated assets must still be listed on a TPP Return.  If you need to file a first-year return or update your return to remove assets disposed of or no longer in use, or add new items, please submit the following form so we can assist you.  TPP Returns are due annually before April 1st.  Our preparation fee for a TPP Return varies by the number of fixed assets you have and can range between $150 – $500 depending on complexity.  Your County will tax you based on the report and send you an invoice if any tax is due. 

Payment Authorization & Engagement Terms

A valid form of payment is required to be on file prior to the start of any project. To get started, please upload your payment authorization and e-sign our Engagement Terms.

Get Started with the TPP Report

Click the link below to complete the required form.

Dates to Remember

Jan 15

Final 2022 Estimated Tax Payment Due

Jan 31

Deadline to send out W2s to Employees

Jan 31

Deadline to e-file and send 1099s to Contractors

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