IMPORTANT:  Please note, the rules and types of 1099s changed for 2021!  We will be updating the information below to advise whether a 1099 MISC or 1099 NEC is needed.  While the name may have changed, the rules for issuing a 1099 have not. 

Issuing a 1099

Who gets a 1099?

In general, a Form 1099 should be filed for each person to whom an employer has paid one or more of the following:

  1. At least $600 in services, rents, prizes or awards and other income payments.
  2. At least $10 in royalties or broker payments in lieu of dividends of tax-exempt interest.
  3. Gross proceeds to an attorney.

A 1099 must be issued to an individual, LLC taxed as a sole proprietor or partnership, that you paid $600 or more to in the prior tax year in cash or checks.  A company taxed as an s-corp or c-corp would not receive a 1099.  If you paid a vendor with paypal or a credit or debit card, a 1099 is not required because they will receive a 1099K from the processing company. 


To issue a 1099, we need a copy of the individual's form W9 (so we can identify their legal name, address and EIN / social security number) as well as the total amount that you paid them. We also need your own company contact information, name, address and EIN number.  Our fee to issue a 1099 is $20 per form if the contractor is new to our system and $15 per form if the contractor has already been set up in our system in a prior year.  The Deadline to submit 1099 forms is January 31st at 5 PM.  Requests received after January 27th will have a $5 late fee added to each form. 

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Download form W9 :

Please write your company name on top of each W9.

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