You guys have been amazing for us, and especially this year as well with my business.  So we are grateful and know you do quality work.  Thank you so much!!

-Heather and Andre Green

July 6, 2020


I have been using their service for a little over two years now and I am very happy with everything.  It is truly a One Stop Shop!

-Carlos Polanco

January 2020


Thank you very much for our call.  I do appreciate your honest approach and client centricity!  It is inspiring for a new entrepreneur.  I am true ambassador of how you made my entrepreneur project started!

-Nicole Cutrufo, Founder, Do It Well

April 18, 2019


Thank you again, this was the most amazing tax experience ever lol.


April 9, 2019


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team.  As part of your network group, we have secured the following services in less than a year:

  • Tax Preparation and untangling with you, Cali and Ken
  • QuickBooks Online with support - you and Steve
  • Credit Card Processing with Donni
  • Medical/Dental/Vision/Aflac Insurance with Denny, Beth and now Carrie
  • Signs- with Curt
  • IT Service/Support/Equipment with Rob and his team

Every single one of these teams/individuals have been professional, knowledgeable in their field or product and have been top notch in customer service and availability.  These kinds of relationships are what is helping our business grow and be successful and we could not be happier.


I have thanked each one of them but wanted to take the extra step to let you know that your network group is top notch and we appreciate the referrals.

-Jennifer Pack, Exec Aero, LLC

February 12, 2019


Ivy was patient and understanding while educating me on the nuances of my business.  Thank you!

-Erin Ward

November 2018


Where have you people been all my life? Thank you so much!

-Scott Hill, Creative Director / Project Manager, TCHNLGY LLC

October 2018


Dear Ivy, Thank you for taking care of my 2017 tax returns.  The work was fast and the service professional.  Cali was a great resource, very knowledgeable and quick to respond to my questions.  I like that she copied you on all the correspondence so that you were kept informed throughout the process.  

I had been with the same accountant for 9 years.  I was reluctant to partner with anyone else, but you made it easy for me to work with you and to trust you.  I am excited to share your services with my colleagues and friends and anyone else who asks.

It gives me great comfort to have the One Stop team handling my family's personal taxes.  I look forward to partnering with you further on all my professional bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Best regards,

-Alan Bernstein President, HR Office Savers Inc

October 10, 2018


Ivy has thoroughly impressed me.  She is a great accountant with amazing people skills.  She is extremely intelligent and will definitely answer all your questions.

-Demarick Patton

September 2018


Ivy, thank you so much for taking the time to walk us through our fiscal reports today.  You and your team are fantastic and have positioned us for success when it comes to our bookkeeping and understanding the financial landscape of our business.  None of this would be possible had it not been for Curt Zielinski referring your company to us.  Clearly, you've got some ambassadors out there and we're happy to join that group now. We look forward to a long relationship with you and the entire One Stop Consulting Shop family.

-Sean and Sharen Phillips, Genesis Signs & Graphics

September 2018


I have been a client with One Stop Consulting Shop for over a year.  I love that they keep me organized!  Ivy and her team are very responsive to my questions and always helpful.  I feel less stressed about tax season and know that the monthly service they provide keeps me on track for the year.  

-Sara P.

July 2018


I own a Power Washing Company.  One Stop is always in tune with my business.  The personal service is second to none!  Very responsive if I need them.  Very knowledgeable about what I need and when I need to be doing it.  I will always be with them!

July 2018


Dear Ivy, Thank you so much for an excellent presentation!  As I said, I love the way you pull all accounting concerns into an all-encompassing, holistic approach.  It was a perfect dovetail into how I discuss small business: everything is interwoven and co-dependent!

In gratitude to you,

-Judith Ann Mitchell

June 2018


I stopped by to see a referral I sent you.  She is so happy with your service and she loves you.  Thank you so much for helping her.  You could see the joy in her face.

-Beth Fiffie, District Sales Coordinator, AFLAC

May 2018


It will be hard to find a better accounting firm than One Stop Consulting Shop.

-Andrew Bressers

April 2018


Ivy, you're like a business angel.  Thank you!

-Beth Fiffie

April 2018


I was very happy when after referring a colleague to Ivy I received the following text message: "Ivy was wonderful!  I have a lot of work to do tax wise.  She was so patient.  I am going to hire her for my taxes and book keeping."  As a BNI member, I am proud to send referrals to Ivy because I know how well she takes care of my personal taxes, my business, and my referrals.  Thank you Ivy for the work you have done for me and for taking care of my referrals.

-Ana Maria Tait

April 2018


Ivy, you are a tax angel!

-Lisa Vaz

April 2018


I just wanted to share some great feedback I received from the referral I sent you.  They said that in 30 minutes, you were able to educate them so much more than what their previous accountant had done in the last 3 years!!  I reminded them that it's the number 1 reason I referred you specifically to them, because I knew you would be able to provide detailed information on how to help them the best way possible. Just as I knew you would, you made a great first impression on them!  Thank you so much for taking care of them.  They're a nice family!

-Diego Muller, ADP

April 2018


You are awesome and a woman always on the RISE!!

 -Christina, Certified Professional Life Coach

March 2018


I want to give a great big shout out to Ivy from One Stop Consulting [Shop] and taxes.  She is the best and helped me with my RFP for a contract due tomorrow with tax season and end of the year paper work. She managed to get me set and prepared for the contract. Without her it would have not gotten done.  Again thank you very much Ivy.  We got this!!!!!!

-Pete Jones

January 29, 2018


I am so glad I found Ivy and One Stop Consulting.  I had a mess when I came to her from a previous "accountant".  Ivy and her team come thru for me and got me on the right path.  I am so thankful that there are people who do what she does to make life easier for the rest of us small business owners.  Highly recommend!


- Chris Kittelberger

January 2018


Facebook - 5 Star Review

-September Mills

December 28, 2017

Facebook - 5 Star Review

-Lissette 'Liz' Velez

December 24, 2017

Facebook - 5 Star Review

-Marta Rodriguez

December 23, 2017

Facebook - 5 Star Review

-Terry Drayer

December 18, 2017


One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC thank you for all you do!!

- Sonya Hightower LaBosco

November 29, 2017


YouTube Video Commentary: "Great Video and Great Great Company, Echevarria Travel uses One Stop Shop."

-Cheryl Echevarria

November, 2017


"Ivy is a rockstar at business & personal tax services & a great source for consultation information as you navigate financial decisions.  It is always a pleasure speaking with the office & the efficiency is refreshing.  It's also a great bonus knowing we do business with a company that supports the community so much.  Needless to say; I HIGHLY recommend One Stop Consulting!"


-Kira Marquith

November 19, 2017


"Money, tax, book keeping and accounting questions??? LAY THEM ON US HERE!  [This month I am offering to my clients] a class on money and taxes from a VERY special guest speaker that is a complete expert at this.  She runs a very successful consulting company AND she is even giving us a free gift!  She is known as Lisa and I's "All things money fairy god mother!"  She runs our books and she is a LIFE SAVER!  Her name is Ivy! (Having your books kept well is a major part of running an ACTUAL business FYI)."


- Autumn Clifford, Entrepreneur and Coach

November 2017


"I had mine [meeting] yesterday after Impact Nona BNI Meeting.  She is really great at what she does and gave me a lot of insight."

- Cheryl Echevarria

October 2017


"I had the pleasure of meeting one of your [One Stop Consulting Shop] wonderful advisors! A Ms. Ivy Fivey, upon our meeting we exchanged words and I was taken back by Ms. Fivey's unwavering belief in helping small businesses and colleagues alike grow to reach a common goal."

- Jonathan Benitez

September 28, 2017


"You have DEFINITELY helped us grow our business! #orlandorealtors #thelightteam #ivysavedus"

- Carey Light, The Light Team

August 22, 2017


Facebook - 5 Star Review

 - Amanda Clevenger

July 28, 2017


Facebook - 5 Star Review

- Melvin Price

May 26, 2017


"The best in town!  Highly recommend.  Honest, trustworthy and responsive."

- Sarah Gulati, Gulati Law

May 25, 2017


Facebook - 5 Star Review 

- Wanda Pomaro Parisi

May 11, 2017


"If you have been in business for some time or especially if you are a new business, you need to connect with Ivy at One Stop Consulting Shop.  She knows all the ins and outs that you do, and few you might not have thought of.  I have found that THOSE are the really important ones, and Ivy knows ‘em."

- Gary Gammon

December 12, 2016


“So, I have seen a LOT of people post financial questions here.  Payroll, taxes, etc.  I have a GREAT accountant and I checked, she does do business and has clients in many states across the country.  She is fantastic at helping to set up a financial foundation and loves to work with small businesses.  She is affordable and customizes packages to her clients.  If you are looking for help in this area contact Ivy Fivey with www.onestopconsultingshop.com.  She has been a dream and such a find for me.

- Brittney Niquette

Completely Cleaned LLC

October 27, 2016


Ivy of One Stop Consulting Shop provides my company with accounting services as well as tax preparation services. She is our go to for any questions we may have regarding taxes or accounting, audits, classifications, payroll, and any other inquiries that may arise concerning how we transact business. Before we added Ivy to our team, we lost money because we did not know how to classify expenses, and how to maximize output and productivity. When I am considering expenditure, I have Ivy's voice in the back of my mind, and this helps me circumvent any liabilities to the company. She is truly invaluable to our company, we consider her an integral part of our team!”

- Caroline Muthaisu

E&J Staffing Solutions Inc.

October 26, 2016


“Ivy and her team do a great job! I highly recommend her services to anyone or any company looking to outsource their accounting. It helps to have a team of professionals supporting you every step of the way!”

 - Robert Rycyk

 October 11, 2016


“Ivy and her team are wonderful. She is prompt, honest, detailed, and always there when you need her the most. I would not have it any other way for my small business. I constantly refer clients to her and they are truly relieved with the services she provides. I highly recommend her for your book keeping and tax preparation.”

 - Sarah Gulati

 October 10, 2016


“Ivy's services at One stop consulting shop are great and for a fair price. She takes care of our business profit and loss as well as estimated tax payments. She has always answered all questions promptly and thoroughly. As a person with a fairly new business it is comforting to have good advice and help when we need it.”

- Steve Joy

 Joy Pest Control

 October 1, 2016


“I remember when I was connected with Ivy. I was so small I wasn't sure if needed an accountant but growing enough I felt I needed some help with "the numbers". She has exceeded my expectations every step of the way. When I ask questions she is so great explaining things in a way that make sense to someone who doesn't really understand that side of the business. I also know that everything is in good hands with her and never feel the need to worry or wonder about payroll, taxes or anything else. Ivy is a dream come true for someone small in business like me and I know that as I grow she will be there to help me along the way. On top of everything else she customizes packages to the business and business owner rather than throwing a "one size fits all" price at you. Ivy is amazing, I would recommend her to anyone.”

 - Brittney Niquette

 Completely Cleaned LLC

 October 1, 2016


“To whom it may concern, I have been working with Ivy and One Stop Consulting Shop for over a year now and could not be happier. My previous experience with an accountant was not a good one. Previously, I was a very small fish in a very larger pond. The only time that I heard from my previous accountant was right around tax time and that was it. The relationship with Ivy and One Stop Consulting Shop has been the complete opposite. Ivy is very easy to reach. She communicates with you the entire year. Answers all your questions in a quick and timely manner. I highly recommend using her business for any tax or accounting services. Thanks!”

 - Dr. Richard Takanen

 Living Well Chiropractic of Central Florida, Inc.

 October 1, 2016


“We recently moved to the US to start a new business and could not have got to where we are without the help of Ivy. She combines a professional service with a friendly approach and has been a constant source of advice and support. Ivy is always available to answer any queries we have and guide us through the process. Ivy genuinely cares about the success of her clients and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.”

 - Simon Harrison

 SJH Enterprises

 October 1, 2016


“I was connected with Ivy of One Stop Consulting Shop through someone in business. When I started my business I didn't have an accountant. I started to wonder what I should be doing with "the numbers" and I couldn't get it off my mind. I feel very fortunate to have been connected with her. Ivy has really helped me establish that financial foundation that she talks about. Before her I had no idea if I had everything set up correctly and I couldn't stop thinking that I might be missing something. Now I know that all of my business finances are in order and that gives me great peace of mind. As a new business owner I was concerned that I may not be able to afford an accountant but she was able to customize a package to my needs and continues to work with me as I am growing. She has been such a great asset to have. “

- Brittney Niquette

 Completely Cleaned, LLC

 August 29, 2016


“One Stop Consulting Shop has been a game changer in how I conduct my business. Thanks Ivy for your understanding and compassionate nature! I vouch for you!”

 - Caroline Muthaisu

 E&J Staffing Solutions Inc.

 May 12, 2016


“I use One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC and have to say Ivy and her team/network are simply amazing. They take so much pressure off of me to focus on my business and sales! A+++++”

 - Jason Wagner

 Fun Times Bounce House & Party Supply Rentals LLC

 May 12, 2016


“One stop consulting is a pleasure to work with and dealing with my thousands of questions! I feel comfortable knowing that Ivy and her team are here to help me on my tax issues as well as monthly and quarterly bookkeeping. It is a great feeling to have a team like One stop in my corner working for me to help me achieve my goals. Definitely recommend their services!”

 - Jason Wagner

 Fun Times Bounce House & Party Supply Rentals LLC

 February 19, 2016


“During my first year of business I was so caught up in business acquisition and not so much on financial planning and tax prep. When tax time came around, I was dreading the conversation. When I met Ivy with One Stop Consulting Shop I was still dreading the conversation, but she made it as painless as possible.  I met with her several times and she was very informative and made sense of my tax situation. I have a better understanding of my tax situation and planning ahead because of her hands on approach and educational approach. She clarified some of the myths and helped set me on the road to financial planning success. I do not feel the same dread as before when thinking of tax season because I know I have the professional knowledge and experience of One Stop Consulting Shop in my corner.


I would highly recommend One Stop Consulting Shop for someone getting ready to start their business so they can start off correctly and to business owners that need help but are somewhat confused where to start. It is so reassuring to have someone you trust in your corner that can help secure your businesses financial planning while you are busy running and growing your business.”

 - Maulissa Rampersad

 Rubber N' Glue Web Design

 August 24, 2015


“So excited to be working with Ivy! She has saved me and my businesses! She makes life so much easier with her easy to follow business solutions. She will literally hold your hand throughout the entire process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

 - Ami Brown

 Shea Rose Photography

 May 15, 2015


“Ivy! After 4 months of having you do our payroll it was so nice to finally meet you in person today! Thank you so much for coming out to our office and sharing tax and business planning information with us. You are a great presenter and you made boring tax conversation fun. Your class was wonderful resource for me and the agents in our office and I am sure they will ask to have you back soon- I know I will! You're TheBomb.com, Ivy! Thanks again!”

 - Stephanie Sousa

 February 4, 2015


“Excellent advice from someone who really cares. Wonderful presentation; easy to understand and well-thought out. This young lady is a breath of fresh air.”

 - Susan Rosenberg

 February 4, 2015


“Masters degree, trained, and used to run a multi million dollar budget for Wellington Parks and Rec. If you are looking for PERSONALIZED and professional tax service, give her a call! (I've known her 24 years, too).”

 - Ingrid Lee

 February 3, 2015


“Ivy amazes me with her total depthand knowledge about beginning an endeavor and offering continuing guidance anddirection as aspiring entrepreneurs press on to a successful fulfillment oftheir dream. She could give a seminardirected to the accounting profession as to how to be a “complete” advisor to theirclients. Thank you for your insights!”

 - Ed Hogan, Owner

 Budget Professional Services

 January 27, 2015


“RAVE! There is only one way to start a new business and that is the correct way. The only way a business can grow is with a strong and proper foundation. Ivy Fivey, who is the owner of "One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC"...(Facebook: RobnIvy Fivey) has helped me and my husband tremendously as we have started a new business. I do not know what we would of done without her. She has gotten us on the right path and has set up our books properly so that we don't have to go back and fix things later. Our business is growing and I know one reason is because of her. She has affordable rates and she gives you personal consulting time and answers every question that you have without making you feel like you don't know anything, she is very easy to talk to. If you have a business, or need an accountant or need someone to help you during tax season, we highly recommend her!!!!! She has been a great blessing to us!!!!”



Overall Rating - 5 out of 5 - Quick Books Training

“Ivy was very professional as well as very knowledgeable in this area. She took the time to understand my specific needs and was able to provide with me the best results. I look forward to working with her again! I would highly recommend her to anyone!”



Facebook - 5 stars

"My wife and I absolutely love working with Ivy. She is so honest and knowledgeable. She is always able to answer any question we ask in a timely manner. We love the connection between our businesses.”

- Eric Kearns

Virtuoso Cleaning Services



Facebook - 5 stars

"I own a small business and I have no idea how taxes for a small business should work. I sat with Ivy Fivey and she was able to work with Kenneth Hoffman to help me set up a awesome tracking sheet for my business. I am now able to track all of my expenses, miles and hours with her guidance. I can't wait for tax season to roll around to show the One Stop Consulting Shop how much I learned from them!! Thank you and I look forward to working with you both again very soon."

- Jillianne Quiroz

Jamberry Consultant



“One Stop Consulting Shop has proven to be just that for me. When I had to take over our finances and many different entities, I felt overwhelmed. Then we found Ivy Fivey, and even as her logo depicts, she brought all of the pieces together for me into one cohesive whole. I have since introduced her to friends and family who know more about business than I do and their comments were, “She is ‘spot on’ from everything I can see.” “I find her business advice and practices to be sound.” “She is great, very knowledgeable, and I am so happy to know that you have her!” I am happy that we have Ivy too. She is friendly, more than helpful, and a true blessing to our business.”

- Batya Wootten, Director

Words of Hope