Customized to meet your needs and budget!

At One Stop, we understand that not every service fits every business model or type. Because of that, we use two separate payroll systems so that we can customize the package and services you need most, at a price you can budget for!  For our small clients under 5, we use Intuit Online Payroll and offer you great flexibility and personal attention at a low cost alternative to doing it yourself!  For our out of state clients and larger clients needing background checks, HR help, and pay as you go workers compensation, we partner with a team of experts to provide you a fast and competitive quote.  Payroll is an aspect of business management that can cost you thousands of dollars if not completed correctly and on-time.  Let us take the worry out of your payroll!

Intuit Online Payroll

We use Intuit Online Payroll to offer our clients convenient payroll processing, from anywhere!  We offer one flat rate per month and the opportunity to run as many payrolls as you need without any additional fees. This is ideal for our commission based businesses that never know when a check may be cashed and they need to issue a payroll!


We offer the ideal service for smaller S-Corps who need to ensure payroll requirements are followed but who do not need the services of a larger payroll firm.  

About Workers Compensation Insurance:

Workers Compensation insurance is an important part of your business and you need to make sure that you speak with your insurance agent to determine if you need to have this coverage.  For our Florida clients, the state requires workers compensation if you have 4 employees, and if you are in the construction industry, it is required with 1 employee.  If you have questions or are unsure about workers compensation, please contact us for a referral to an insurance agent that can assist you!


Our Payroll Partners are also a great resource as they offer workers compensation for their payroll clients with great features like Pay as you Go and more!  If you would like to be referred to one of our partner firms, please contact us today!