Our value is in our expertise, our convenience and the way we care!  We offer

  • CPA and Enrolled Agent Licensed Tax Professionals;
  • Incorporation, Organization and S-Corp Election 
  • Agreements (Operating and Partnership in conjunction with a partner firm)
  • Seamless book to tax services; 
  • IRS Audit Assistance with forms, letters and responses (for large cases we have a relationship with partner firms including Tax Attorneys and Auditors that we can refer you to)
  • We can work with your own Tax Professional if we are handling your books; 
  • Encrypted portal for the secure transfer of sensitive financial data;
  • Email notification of IRS E-filing confirmation;
  • Year-round tax consultation and help; and
  • Your taxes are ALWAYS completed by an Enrolled Agent or State licensed CPA!

Tax Preparation

We offer flat-rate fees for all tax preparation and you will be provided a quote before we begin work on your return.  If during your tax preparation process there is a discovery period where additional work and information is required, we will inform you immediately of any fee changes.  The list below provides you an average fee range for various types of returns (but each client will be individually quoted based on your specific documents and return):


Dependent Returns and 1040 EZ Filings - $65

Itemized Tax Returns - $115 to $250+

1040 with Schedule C - $250+

1040 with Rental Schedule - $250+

Other Schedules as Required - $150

Partnership / S-Corp / C-Corp Returns - $650+

Not-for-Profit - 990N $100 / 990EZ - $500 / 990 Full - $1200

Tax Return Extension - $50 (to be applied to your Tax Preparation Fee)

Under 10 Day Turn-Around Rush Fee - 20% is added to your Base Preparation Fee

Tangible Personal Property Tax Returns - $150 plus $100 for each add. page of assets

If you would like to schedule a phone call to discuss your specific tax preparation needs, please contact our Office Manager at 407-922-0918 or email us any questions you may have to:


If you are ready to begin the on-boarding process, welcome aboard and please click on the following link to get started:

Need to file a FBAR Return?

Do I need to file?

You do if:

✓ You are a “US person” (i.e. US citizen, permanent resident, alien resident, or LLC/corporation)

✓ You have foreign financial accounts (bank, mutual fund, brokerage, trust, or other account) that you have financial interest in and/or signature authority over

✓ The total in these foreign bank accounts reached more than $10,000 at any point


Being a resident alien means you need to report your foreign and U.S. income using different forms as appropriate. Depending on the types of income, the following are tax forms for resident aliens:


FBAR: If you have financial interest or signature authority over a foreign account that exceeds $10,000 in the aggregate during the financial year, this Foreign Bank Financial Account form will be required.


Form 8938: E-2 investors with foreign financial assets with more than $50,000 aggregate will need a Form 8938 to report their income. Unlike the FBAR, the Form 8938 is not limited to only bank account balance and insurance plans—it covers both foreign assets and accounts.


Forms 3520: If you have a foreign business, distribution, or have received a substantial foreign gift, you will need a Form 3520 to report it. Though there is an exemption to this – while reporting foreign business income is compulsory, you may not be asked to report gifts of amounts less than $100,000.


Form 3520-A: This form is required if you have a foreign trust as an E-2 investor.


Form 8621: This form will be required if you have an interest in a passive foreign investment firm


Form 5471: This is required to report ownership of a foreign corporation.


Form 5472: This is required to report the interest, ownership, or control in any foreign corporation. 

While we do not handle FBAR fillings internally, we will refer you to a partner firm or Tax Attorney if needed, that can assist you with these filings and requirements.