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Pet Partnership Program

We care about more than just your taxes!

We are passionate about pets!

Interested in helping local animal rescue organizations or maybe even a veterinarian clinic that goes about and beyond to help pets in financial hardship?  Become a Pet Partner and a portion of every qualified referral goes back to the organization or charity of your choice! It's simple to help!  


1.  Who can be a recipient of the Pet Partner Program?


Any organization that helps animals!  The organization does not need to be a 501(c)3 to participate as all proceeds are being provided from One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC and do not need to be tax deductible.  


2.  Who is a great recipient for this program?


Vet Clinics offering free services to animals in need; rescue shelters; spay/neutor clinics; organizations wanting to find forever homes for animals; equestrian facilities helping individuals with special needs; and anyone who is truly desiring to help animals and the community!


3.  How can I get involved?


Learn more about One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC to ensure we hold the values, knowledge and trust required so that you are confident in the referrals you pass to us! Then reach out to us and sign up!


4.  How can business owners get involved?


Business owners can host our Flyer and Pet Partner Cards that clients and customers can then take and fill out.  Business can either let their clients choose the Recipient or the Business can sponsor a specific organization for all funds to be directed towards.


5.  How does the Pet Partner Program work?


When a referral is sent to us, that person or business will let us know 1) who referred them, and 2) the Pet Partner they wish the proceeds to go towards.  It's that simple.


6.  Is there a limitation as to areas served?


NO!  Our company can prepare tax returns for every state and we have clients across the Country as well as abroad!  We use an encrypted client portal that allows us to securely access records from anywhere, from anyone!  If we can do your taxes or your bookkeeping, then we can help local organizations in your area!


You have to be a referral from either a registered Business Pet Partner or Recipient Pet Partner for the funds to be remitted.  All recipients must complete a W9 annually. Funds will be remitted by check or direct deposit (whichever is easier for the recipient).  


We believe one person CAN make a difference in the world.  For animals that cannot help themselves, it is up to us to make a difference for them!  


If you would like to become a Pet Partner by sending us qualified referrals and help an organization of your choice receive necessary funds to help local animals, then please reach out to us and we will provide you more detailed information about our company and the Pet Partnership Program!


One Stop Consulting Shop, LLC has a team of professionals that handle accounting, payroll, QuickBooks help and training, and taxes in all states and we also serve clients in the Military and living abroad!  With our encrypted client portal, sending financial data safely, securely and quickly has never been easier!  You can refer clients to us and nominate Pet Partners from any location!  The animals we can help and the clients we can advise have no boundaries!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Download our Pet Partnership Program flyer for more details!
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