Payment Authorization

Update your Recurring Payment

If your payment form that is on-file has expired, it is your responsibility to provide an updated payment form to One Stop Consulting Shop prior to your next automatic billing.  Should an expired payment cause any NSF fees, you may be responsible for reimbursement per your on-boarding terms and agreement.  Please provide an updated recurring payment authorization form by downloading the form, entering the accurate payment information and then uploading the form to our secure portal (link shown below). Do not email sensitive financial data unless the email is encrypted. Thank you!

Click Here to update your Recurring Payment Authorization Form and Terms of Service
Payment Auth Form - Recurring Payment Fo
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Need to make a One-Time Payment?

Please download our One-Time Payment Authorization Form to be used for tax payments or other one-time projects.  You may upload the form to the secure and encrypted portal at the bottom of this page. 

Click Here to download your One Time Payment Authorization Form and Terms
Payment Auth Form - One Time and Tax Ser
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Encrypted Client Portal

Please upload your recurring payment authorization form by click on the link below.  Thank you!