New Client On-Boarding


Welcome to One Stop Consulting Shop! We are excited to have you as a client and to be your trusted partner as your accounting team!  Below you will find our Onboarding Form for tax preparation services so we can begin work on your return.  Complete the organizer and click "send"; then, follow the instructions to download forms requiring original signatures and use of our encrypted client portal for your comfort and convenience!  For questions, please email: 

Getting Started:

Step 1:  Download the Required In-Take Forms

Your Form 1040 Tax Return is due April 15th

If you are filing a joint return, please remember to print and sign page 3 of the PDF (both spouses must sign with original signatures).
OSCS - Engagement Letter - Individual.pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 245.7 KB
The general questionnaire includes questions that we are required to ask you. Please answer all sections. You can type directly into the document and use as much space as required.
General Questionnaire - Required.docx
Microsoft Word Document 25.3 KB
Please complete both of these forms to be kept on file until your tax return is completed. We will use this form to complete your tax preparation payment upon completion.
Payment Auth Form - One Time and Tax Ser
Adobe Acrobat Document 205.2 KB

For Schedule C (Sole Proprietors/1099s/Single Member LLC)

If you have a Schedule C (Sole Proprietors, 1099s and single member LLC), please complete the following form stating that you provided us with your own compilation of income and expenses or that you relied upon a bookkeeper (whether One Stop Consulting Shop or other) to compile your Profit and Loss Statement based on the information that you provided. 

Required if you have a Schedule C
Client Compilation of P&L for Tax Prepar
Adobe Acrobat Document 72.5 KB
Use this form to summarize business income and expenses:
Client Compilation - No P&L - No Problem
Microsoft Word Document 48.4 KB

Tax Preparer Assignment and Client Release Form

Once we receive your in-take form, you will be assigned to one of our licensed Tax Professionals.  At that time, we will email you a client release form which is required from the IRS any time we release your information to a 3rd party as well as their specific engagement form required for them to begin work on your return.  

Step 2:  Select the organizer you need (Optional)

These forms are fillable and provide more detail for your tax return.  Please use them if needed.  This detail helps us maximize the deductions you may be entitled to.

client_handout - Form 1040.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 596.5 KB
Client Hand Out - Rental_Income_and_Expe
Adobe Acrobat Document 220.7 KB
Note ONLY Single Member LLCs that are on a Schedule C should be on this page. An LLC taxed as an s-corp OR an LLC with multiple members should go to the Corporate Tax page.
client_handout - LLC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 381.9 KB

Step 3:  Securely Upload Back Up Documents

Voided Check or Credit Card (front and back) for Deposit

Copy of drivers license for all individuals listed on Tax Return

Prior Year Tax Return (Depreciation Schedule if applicable)

All back up documentation (W2s, 1099s, etc.)

Upload your In-Take Forms and Organizers

Encrypted Portal - Upload Files HERE:

Please Note:  This is a General Folder.  All files must be named/labeled with your Last Name so we can identify your files and move them to your individual client portal.  If you prefer to upload your files directly into your individual folder but need us to reset your password, please email: