New Client On-Boarding


Welcome to One Stop Consulting Shop! We are excited to have you as a client and to be your trusted partner as your accounting team!  We believe transparency is crucial as we outline our working relationship.  Please complete the in-take form below to get started and download our Terms of Engagement to be returned to our secure client portal.  Together, we will plan today for a successful tomorrow!


  1. Complete the form below entitled "Get Started!".  This let's us know you are ready to move forward.  
  2. Complete the forms "Recurring Payment Form and Engagement Terms" and "New Company On-boarding Form".  Both can be downloaded from the links below and then uploaded to our secure portal link. These are required for all Bookkeeping and Payroll Clients.
  3. If you will be using our company for payroll, please complete the forms under the "For Payroll Clients Only" section and return those to our portal to get started.  Remember, W2 employees complete a W4 and I9 form.  Contractors complete W9.

 All employees/contractors must complete an Authorization for Direct Deposit Form.  As the owner, you must complete the Onboarding Form and Financial Responsibility form. 


Other important on-boarding instructions:


1.      If you are using an outside payroll firm and we are handling the bookkeeping, we will need access to the payroll log-in so that we can import your payroll data on a monthly basis.  This is important so that your liabilities and tax expenses are accurate for tax time! 


2.      To help us reconcile your accounts, please call your bank and request they set up (or help you to set up) “view only access”.  Usually, the bank will need a name “Ivy Fivey” and my email address to email us a temporary log in credential.  Or, you have the option of emailing us a PDF statement and a CSV or Excel download of the file monthly.  If you choose this option, we also may need your guidance if checks are not visible.


3.     For credit cards, we will need your own log-in and security question answers.  Unfortunately, at this time, most credit cards do not provide “view only access”.  Or, you have the option of emailing us the PDF statement and a CSV or Excel download of the file monthly.


4.      If you are required to charge and remit sales tax, please also upload a copy of your drivers’ license so that we can register your account or if you already have it, please provide us your sales tax certificate number and business partner number. Please note that if you list a credit card to pay your monthly invoice, we also will need a voided check for your business bank account to remit your sales tax payment to the state as they do not allow credit card payments.


Finally, if you are using QuickBooks Online (QBO), please make sure to invite us as an Accountant User using the following email address: OR if we will be creating a brand new QBO file for you, we will provide you administrative access once it is set up.

Get Started!

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Download Forms:

Required for Bookkeeping & Payroll Clients:

Recurring Payment Form and Engagement Terms
Payment Auth Form - Recurring Payment Fo
Adobe Acrobat Document 249.4 KB
New Company On-boarding Form
New company setup checklist - REV 11-8-1
Adobe Acrobat Document 224.2 KB

For Payroll Clients Only:

Payroll Set Up Forms - Required
Adobe Acrobat Document 261.4 KB
Form W9 - for your Contractors
Adobe Acrobat Document 129.0 KB

Form W4 - for your Employees
fw4 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 173.5 KB
Form I-9 - for your Employees
Adobe Acrobat Document 72.7 KB


Click below to upload any sensitive financial documents.  Please make sure your name is on each page uploaded.  For payments, upload credit card (both sides) or voided check.