Check your W4 Now to avoid year-end surprises!

In late 2017 Congress passed a major tax bill called the TCJA, which resulted in lower total Federal income taxes for many Americans. Most Americans pay their Federal income tax through withholding taxes taken out of your check every pay period, and at the end of the year many people find that they have overpaid and receive a nice Federal tax refund.


The law change this year will result in less total tax, but the way it is structured most people will see less tax withheld every pay period rather than through a refund check at the end of the year. We are quite concerned about this effect and the surprise you may see at tax filing time next spring. Without a review of your tax situation, you may go from a history of receiving refund checks to a balance due to the government at tax time. The good news is that we still have time to change the year-end result if we act soon.


We very, very strongly suggest that every client with withholding, whether from a W-2 job, retirement or Social Security, contact us to set up a time to meet (or to drop off your information and let us calculate and call you) for us to calculate your 2018 tax situation and withholding, and to make changes if needed. We will need a copy of your most recent paystubs and some information about any changes in your family or tax status, and we will then calculate our estimates. We will determine where you will be without a change, and how to change your withholding, if needed, to obtain a refund. If you need to change withholding we will even fill out a new W-4 to provide to your employer to change and “catch up”. Because of the time and knowledge necessary to recalculate your 2018 tax withholding, we will charge a small discounted flat fee for this service, without regard to the time it takes to recalculate your 2018 tax estimates, but we strongly urge you to contact us immediately to determine where you will stand, tax-wise, at the end of 2018. We don’t want any surprises either!