The Customer is Always Right!

It's difficult for many business owners to admit, but customers are always right...whether they are or not. While large businesses can better sustain unhappy customers who choose not to return, small businesses must rely heavily on repeat customers and word-of-mouth marketing to grow and succeed. 


If your customer has a bad experience, then word of mouth can be detrimental to the success of your small business.


The following principles should be practiced consistently to achieve long-term customer satisfaction:


1.     All about customer service

2.     Establish firm customer policies

3.     Outperform the competition

4.     Measure customer satisfaction

5.     Inform employees

6.     Know what customers want

7.     Say it right

8.     Stay Connected

9.     Immediate action to complaints


Remember, staying in touch with your clients not only helps you retain those clients, but it also helps you improve your processes and systems so that you can prepare for growth and the acquisition of new clients.   Your existing clients are your best key to success as they can help you improve performance and minimize complaints. 


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