Preparing for a Natural Disaster (ie, Hurricane)

With a potential Tropical Storm or Hurricane heading our way, this is a really good time to think about your disaster recovery plan for BOTH your home and your business.

For now, let’s address some key elements for your business:


  1. Is your client data and other sensitive information backed up to an external hard drive or the cloud?
  2. Are computers and/or other hardware/equipment unplugged/covered/removed/relocated?
  3. Do employees know who to call (with back up phone numbers) if they cannot make it to work AND do you have a plan to inform employees whether you will be open or if you do not want them to come in to work immediately after the storm? Perhaps having a phone tree in place may help your communications.
  4. Make a list of all important phone numbers, addresses and email addresses and include employees, local and state emergency management agencies, clients, suppliers, contractors, your financial institutions, and insurance agents.
  5. Make copies of important documents and keep them with you (agreements, insurance, etc.).
  6. Photograph your equipment and anything valuable if you do not already have a list of assets and valuables in place for your risk management plan and insurance requirements.
  7. If a larger disaster occurs and your employees cannot come to work to assist you with your own recovery, what is your contingency plan?


If we think about these things before the emergency happens, we will be better

able to handle the emergency and recover quickly.


Remember, Plan today for tomorrow’s success! In an emergency, life safety and the

continuity of your business are key!

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