Success is about planning for it!

My name is Ivy Fivey and I am the principal owner of One Stop Consulting Shop, your trusted advisor for customized accounting, QuickBooks and tax services. Our mission is your success. Our value is in our ability to bring our clients organization, peace of mind, and protection from the IRS through proactive planning, education and experience.


My background is in local government administration, and for over 15 years I have dedicated myself to public service. Now that I have relocated to Central Florida, I am dedicated to serving the small business owner and helping them succeed! Our formula for success is simple.


Proactive Planning + Effective Procedures = Savings in Time, Energy and Money!


I’ve found that most entrepreneurs are hard-working and dedicated! It is this spirit and enthusiasm that has led me to focus on the small business owner. So often, great ideas alone are not enough to ensure that a business can endure through challenging times and be profitable. Small mistakes when you are starting out can lead to large and costly problems down the road.


The reason I believe so many wonderful businesses are not successful is the feeling that they must go it alone …whether it is because help isn’t affordable, seems complicated, or isn’t easily accessible. Know there is help! Every business needs a trusted advisor to turn to, not only when times are challenging, but when times are good --- when businesses should plan for their continued growth and prosperity.


Some steps that are critical to a good start include


1. Planning for operations, emergencies and growth

2. Choosing the best business entity for you to minimize your tax liability

3. Accounting for your operations through procedures and process

4. Evaluating your procedures and making continuous improvement

5. Don’t give up – Get help if you need it


If any of the aforementioned sounds like something you may need assistance with, we can help! Because we are a small business ourselves, we have the personalized, caring approach that you need with the experience and professionalism you expect. Let us be your trusted advisor from start-up to expansion and create tomorrow’s solution today!